What Can I Expect in Recovery from Hip Arthroscopy?

After hip arthroscopy, you will be on crutches for the first one to four weeks. You will be given oral pain medicines to manage the surgical discomfort.

Physical therapy will start immediately after surgery with crutch training, gentle range-of-motion and active exercises. A CPM (continuous passive motion) machine will be used for one month to restore motion to the hip and help healing of the joint.

Dr. Luis Pérez Carro will outline a progressive physical therapy program for you to rebuild strength in the muscles around the hip joint.

Most patients require 12 weeks of physical therapy to restore strength and mobility in the hip, but every patient is unique.

In six weeks to two months, you should be able to resume most of your normal, everyday activities. However, it may take three to four months for the hip to fully recover from surgery. In many cases, the hip continues to improve for 12 to 18 months after surgery.

Return to full sport activity is usually three to four months after the procedure.

Following hip arthroscopy, it is very important to maintain your schedule of routine appointments with Dr. Luis Pérez Carro and his team so they he can monitor your progress after surgery.

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